our manifesto

Rethink tomorrow

We help you to understand today to prepare yourself for tomorrow. We focus on makers and people who are building the future.

Learn how to fish

Our goal is to help people build great online companies. By building a network of independent thinkers who share their ideas to inspire you to think differently about building digital products.

We think about solutions, not problems.

Industries we are focusing on

  • E-commerce
  • The future of work
  • E-learning
  • The mind (research phase)

The old agency modal is boring

An agency business modal is making hours. The more hours they make, the more revenue they generate, but we live in a world where it's possible to build a prototype in hours/days.

It's the number of iterations; not hours spend, that drives innovation. This means it's crucial to build things fast and in public.

Knowledge and creativity are scares, and all the rest is not.

That's why we are building a network of people who make independent decisions and then collaborate to explore what works.

Our goal is to make ourselves - an agency - obsolete and create a platform where people can improve their ideas and turn them into real products.

We need to build better products.

It’s pretty annoying how bad most products work or are not fun to use.

Over the past ten years, we realized that most people don’t understand their products from a first principle perspective.

If you run a webshop, and you don’t understand how the engine is running, how on earth can you improve it?

Better solutions are being built with skin in the game.

Elon Musk understands how a rocket works, and you should understand how your app works.

Spend less time making presentations and hanging around in excel sheets, more time thinking about improving your main product or service.

Our goal is to help you with that.

A tribe of makers.

We need to understand today to make progress tomorrow. No longer should you get fooled by the idea that opinions are good explanations. Most companies make things complex since complexity is their business modal.

Our goal is to make things simple. To achieve that, it's time to become independent thinkers and ask ourselves better questions, for example: is your product as epic as it can be? If not...

Make it better.

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Tech is eating the world.

If you open a restaurant today, you are also effectively starting a tech company. You will either need to start a shop with Shopify, connect to or build a delivery service, or join Point of Sale (POS) in the cloud, and the tech solutions list continues beyond that.

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