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We help you understand today to create products that are ready for the future. We do this together with group of people around the world.

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The era of the makers

It's time to build

Our goal is to help people build great online companies. Together with a group of people around the world, we build products while we share what we learn. Want to follow us?

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Knowledge and creativity are scares, and all the rest is not.

This is going to be the most innovative decade ever. The possibilities are endless; you can build a prototype in hours and work together with smart people all over the world.

With our global community of makers, we want to inspire people with great ideas (you!?) to turn their ideas into realities.

It's boring to watch someone build a sandcastle. It's more fun to do it yourself.


We design your adventure.

It's time to start asking better questions.

It's pretty annoying how bad most products work and are not fun to use.

Over the past ten years, we realized that most people don't understand their products from a first principle perspective.

If you run a webshop, and you don't understand how the engine is running, how on earth can you improve it?

Better solutions are being built with skin in the game, where everyone is excited about the problem they are solving.


A new city

Build for the future

In today's world, understanding is key. No longer should you get fooled by stories that make things complex instead of simple.

Most companies do everything to make sure you don't understand x in order to accomplish y. Complexity is their business modal.

That is not how it should work.

People should spend less time in PowerPoints and spreadsheets and more time asking themselves; is the product as awesome as it can be? If not... how can it be improved!?

We want to help you with that!


Ready for the future?

Build & learn.

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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all - Helen Keller