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Last ideas.

Our manifesto

When you open the newspapers, you see a polarised world. When you look at the current political environment and the debates going on, you end with the same conclusion.

Main topics

  • Design
  • Innovation
  • Philosophy

But on the fundamental issues, we start to think the same. We are just not aware of it yet.

We all want to be happy. We all want to live a healthy life with a great perspective on the future in terms of equality and global (tail) risks.

Due to COVID, everything is under stress, and when under pressure, it's hard to take a step back and see things from a broader perspective.

The other thing about stress is that it tests systems. You start to see things more clearly. At that moment, you learn what works and what doesn't.

For example, it doesn't seem a good idea that countries are highly dependent on other countries for necessary resources. We also learned that high tale risks events do happen and have a significant impact and that focusing on these risks is all we need to do. We learned that as a company or person, it is crucial to prepare for turbulent moments.

All the necessary information is already available. We only need to find it and connect the right dots. Then, we slowly start to defining the right questions on the things we need to solve.

Yes, we might disagree on the solution, which is exactly how we will build the future. It's us people working together and having a civil discussion that creates the path forward.

A third-order effect of everything that is going on is that we are getting tired of the endless discussions based on ego and political agendas. The result is that more people will stand up and focus on the things they are good at, people who don't care about being right or wrong in the short term for likes and empty approvals but being right collectively in the long term for the sake of living a happy life.

At this moment, money and decisions are moving at a faster pace than we have ever seen; this creates the right environment for innovation.

The acceleration of building solutions based on newly defined first principle questions is how we will build a great new future.

The entrepreneurial spirit is higher than ever before.

Will everything be solved tomorrow? No, meaningful change takes time, and it will be a roller coaster.But to quote Helen Keller; Life is either an adventure or nothing at all.

Stay safe, be kind, and stay curious.

An adventure by MOIJ