We are nothing.


All stories are basically crafted ideas that we come up with one day, and then the rest of our life (or certain period), we have to live up to those ideas. We don't like that.


What we enjoy

creating things.

We enjoy creating things, that is for sure, but there is no real big 'why' behind that. We enjoy building apps, or sites, or something while we ask ourselves daily how we can become better at what we do.

We observe events happening around us, and play with the things we like. We are always looking for better questions that help us better understand things.


Our mission

to understand.

We don't have a grand vision of where we want to be in 5 years, other than we don't want to be at the same level - in terms of quality - then that we are now. The most important questions we ask ourselves; what is it that we don't understand yet.

We simply, play.



It's more like a orchestra.

We like to describe ourselves as an orchestra, with individuals who are great at what they do.

We don't care about awards, or team-building sessions, or all that crap.

We create, and we enjoy that.

We are not solving climate change or any other endeavor.

We just want to create awesome products.

Since it's already here.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all - Helen Keller