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#OpenSource Academy

We are very active in the E-learning space and decided to build our online academy to show the world how we think the future of education will look.

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current v 0.01
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We believe every person is a teacher

Technology should support people to build courses to teach others.

The more you teach, the better you learn. Teaching is a powerful tool to learning - Feynman.

Current we are publicly building two courses in our #OpenSource academy (v0.01)

1. Remote Work Guide
2. Become a front-end developer
The first step

People with certain expertise have the leverage to guide other people to the best content that is available to everyone.

The individual builds a course from #OpenSource material and creates an educational story from this.
What does #OpenSource means?

Well, for now, this means that we build courses from open (mostly free) spaces like YouTube, Twitter, podcasts, and articles on the internet.

References to papers and books are possible as well.

What's next? 

This depends on your feedback because we are building everything in public (as a side project), so you can guide us along the way. So far, this is our roadmap:

1. Launch our two own courses
2. Launch one course for someone else
3. Build an overview of the #opensource courses    in one vertical with MOIJ-LIFE
4. Create a personalized timeline for users.

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