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How to become a front-end developer

A roadmap of handy media to help you on your road to becoming a front-end developer
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Moij · How to become a front-end developer - EP1
Prologue - Your passion

Evan You, creator of one of the most successful front-end framework VueJS talks about pursuing a passion.
The Module 1 - What is Front-End?

Before we dive into how to write front-end code, it's good to know what front-end is.
Module 2 - Create Your First Website

Know that you have an idea of what front-end is, let's build your first website! The team over at Scrimba helps you understand the fundamentals of HTML & CSS without you needing to install anything on your computer.
Create your first website
☕️ Coffee time

During this course there will be a couple of coffee times. This is often a piece of media that isn't tight to any learning, but rather to take a break from learning and have a look into the world of front-end development.

This time, we want to show you the story behind VueJS. We showed a small snippet from this documentary at the very start, but take some time to watch the whole documentary to see how this one front-end developer build a framework that is downloaded over a million times per week.
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