Our definition of remote work

We define remote work as freedom, asynchronous communication, and being all about you. How do you define remote work?

1. Freedom

Working from home is not the same as remote work. Remote work is being able to choose where, when, and how you would like to work.

Focusing on what we can't control doesn't make any sense. We should experiment with how and when we work best. When we don't experiment with these variables, we are only limiting ourselves. Once the pandemic is over, we can fully experiment with what our best working style is.

Ask yourself: why 9-5? Why should another person decide when I am most productive?

2. Asynchronous Communication

The biggest mistake companies make is trying to simulate an office environment with remote workers. This is unrealistic and unnecessary for remote working.

Working in an office is about distractions; remote work is about focus. Being distracted by meetings, phone calls, instant messages, and emails that do not need your immediate attention don't create the space to find out when and how you work most efficiently.

With remote workers, you will need to create new rules on how to communicate with each other, and asynchronous communication should be one of your most important rules. Asynchronous communication means sending messages without expecting a quick response, giving others and yourself time to complete a thought.

At MOIJ, phone/video meetings are the last resort. All communication starts with well-written stories in documented environments (e.g. Notion or Google Docs), instead of messaging platforms like Slack and Teams.

If you make large or too many changes at once to your workforce, it will be impossible to know what works and what doesn't. Progress comes from making small adjustments over time (compounding).

3. It's all about you!

Sitting at home all the time is hard. While how you feel in your work environment is important, jumping to conclusions on how you feel doesn't help.Not being distracted by Friday drinks, office jokes, ping-pong tables, and micromanagers gives you a lot of extra time to focus on your work.

Learning new ways of life and learning more about yourself is never easy, but holding onto your preconceived notions is not always the best for you. You have to find out, what works best for you?

Finding your way to remote work is more about unlearning than about learning new methods of working. It is easy being told when, where, and how to work, but now the real question presents itself:

When, where, and how would you like to spend your time?

Do you want to collaborate?

We like to work with people who have skin in the game, on ideas that have a positive impact, and with people who enjoy what they do.

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