What are DAOs?

Here at MOIJ, we observe what is going on in the world. Two innovations changed everything; the internet and the mobile phone. With the available information right now, everything points out that blockchain will be the next frontier that disrupts the world around us. Blockchain has been around for a while, but before you call something an innovation, it's essential that it is not just created but is also used. You can also see this adoption happening with Non-fungible tokens.

We are slowly moving towards the ownership economy, and the technology that makes this easier are DAOs.

DAO’s are why ethereum was created.

What are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are an organizational structure built on top of the blockchain with no central leadership, and all decisions are made bottom-up. It's autonomous because everyone within the group can share proposals and vote on the suggested ideas. When you build a new DAO, you set the organization's rules that it needs to abide by.

Aragon, a company that builds software that makes it easy to setup a DAO, calls it “the next frontier of human coordination.”

Why start a DAO?

By starting a DAO, you will be able to solve tremendous problems, allocate capital efficiently, and build communities to make sure that individuals can collaborate. The best and most talented people will want to work on these important matters and be part of the organization.

Better solutions are being built when everyone has skin in the game. DAOs make this possible.

DAOs are made for the remote world; you can call it an internet native structure to set up a company. It's easier to find talented people if you can see the whole world, rather than just the city you live in, as your talent pool.

In a previous story, we wrote that the world needs more independent thinkers who collaborate to build solutions that make our lives better; a DAO makes this possible.

Funding your ideas, since it's built on top of the blockchain, is also easier (and will continue improving over time) than it is to fund a traditional company. Besides that, it's completely transparent; the balance sheet is available on the chain.

The future of DAOs

DAOstack and Aragon are two examples of tools that make it accessible to build your own DAO. On the website Aragon you can see what kind of DAOs already exist.

We are at the beginning of this new technology. Since it's relatively easy to start a DAO, many people will experiment with this, which is great because then the collective can figure out what the best use cases are.

It's also possible to work wholly anonymously and globally for the first time. I have no idea what the exact benefits of this will be; maybe it will be that the organization will be more equal, where ideas are more important than company politics.

Today at MOIJ, we think the best use case is to set up DAOs for specific problems and create a space with like-minded people who agree to work on solutions for world problems - think climate change, inequality, or health. All topics that are important to solve and should have as few gatekeepers as possible.

But within this idea also lies an issue with the DAOs; moving fast can be difficult. With an established company and a CEO, decisions can be made quickly; new organizations might get stuck more, and more people are able to get involved.

To DAO or not to DAO

As with most new ideas, the discussion should not be just a simple yes or no, but both. Sometimes a traditional organization works better, and sometimes a DAO.

Since we want to learn more, we at MOIJ will experiment starting a DAO to build projects and do research about the mind. Our goal (within everything we do) is to build groups of intelligent people worldwide who focus on solutions. The DAO's focus is on the mind, where the organization will spend most of its time on R&D to benefit others to build products that will help this sector.

It's an issue bigger than oneself. Therefore, it should not depend on one individual or shareholders that don't actively participate in the solutions.

In a more open-source future, with people allocating the right resources (money/knowledge) at the right time, it is essential to make sure this decade will be our most innovative one.

DOAs, like remote work, can play a part in this.

We are excited to try it out and learn along the way!

If you are interested in joining this DAO, please send an email at hello@moij.co - also, feel free to ask us any questions!

Do you want to collaborate?

We like to work with people who have skin in the game, on ideas that have a positive impact, and with people who enjoy what they do.

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