Our Adventures

We want to empower more people to build

Our goal is to build epic internet companies with people all over the world. We create solutions ourselves, and help other to launch their product. Learn more about our portfolio companies below.


Hey mind

The most important thing to understand.

To understand the mind is to understand life. Why wouldn't you understand that weird thing at the top of your head?

Hey mind is an app that might help you understand the mind, without all the self-help bs and how to's.

It's about understanding, that's all. (currently in private beta) 



we help you understand web3

The world is building a new internet; web3. With Upupland we curate and write content to understand what this means and how your business can prepare for this new future

Want to lear more about web3, start here


The publisher club

Making curation, easy.

There is a lot of noice in the world, the web needs better - human - filters. We build a template for content curators.

We created an easy to use notion template, with a frontend website where you can easily create lists to curate create content.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all - Helen Keller